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Tennis Information, Rules and Procedures

General Tennis Information

Club Hours:  The Club is open every day of the year, except December 25th.  Regular Club hours are from 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Sunday through Saturday. The Club observes special “holiday hours” on the following days:  New Year’s Day  5 am- 3 pm,  Memorial Day  5 am- 3 pm,  Independence Day 5am – 3pm,  Labor Day  5 am- 3pm,  Thanksgiving Day  7am- 1 pm ,  Christmas Eve 5 am- 3pm , and  New Year’s Eve 5 am- 3pm.

Registration:  All members are required to check-in at the front desk and show their membership card.

Guests:  Guests are welcome at Pine Lake when accompanied by a member.  Members are required to register their guests upon entering the Club and pay a guest fee.  Guests must comply with CAC-Pine Lake rules and policies.  Regarding Tennis, an individual may play as a guest a maximum of one time per month.  The guest fee for tennis use is $20.

Junior Members:  Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior while in the facility and must assure that their behavior does not inter with the enjoyment of the Club facilities by all members.  Any child under the age of 10 that is not checked-into the Kid’s Club, must be accompanied by an Adult over the age of 18.  Members are responsible for any damage done by their children or guests.

Telephones:  Courtesy telephones are available to members at various locations around the Club.  As a courtesy to others, please limit the duration of phone calls.  Courtesy phones are not to be used for reserving court times with the front desk.  For emergencies or questions you can reach the front desk by dialing “0”.

Club News:  Members may access the Club’s website for the monthly newsletter, special events and schedules at  Tennis members can join the Tennis Email Club by providing your email address to the Tennis Director, who will then keep you informed of upcoming tennis events at the Club.

Tennis Rules and Procedures

Court Times:  Court sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length beginning at 5:30 a.m. 

Except from 2:15-3:15 and from 3:15 to 4:15, the court session will be 1 hour long.  

Dress Code:  Members and their guests must wear non-marking regulation tennis shoes.  Clothing and warm-ups are to be appropriate for tennis.  Shirts are required.  Jeans, cut-off shorts and running shoes as well as flip-flops and barefoot playing are prohibited on the tennis courts.

Conduct:  Clean and proper tennis etiquette and sportsmanship are always required.  Racquet throwing, ball smashing, swearing and facility abuse will not be tolerated.  All disputes should be handled at the net rather than shouting from baseline to baseline.  Players should not cross or walk behind the courts while play is in progress.  Players may not use any part of the indoor walls as backboards due to the noise and possible damage to the court fixtures.  Non-tennis playing children are not allowed in the court area. Non-tennis playing children are allowed behind courts 1 and 2 seating area only IF they are able to sit quietly and be non-disruptive for the entire playing period.  No food or beverages aside from water are allowed in the court areas.  Cell phones are not allowed on the courts.  You may use your cell phone in the tennis lounge area


Court-booking in effect on September 17th, 2012

-Reservation Policy:  Each member may have one “Advanced” reservation and one “24-hour” reservation on the books at any time.  A reservation made 24 hours or less in advance of the court time is termed a “24-hour” reservation.  A reservation made more than 24 hours in advance and up to 7 days before a court time, is termed an “Advanced” reservation.  Nobody’s name is to be used to reserve a court that does not intend to use that court.  Once a reserved time period expires, you are eligible to make another reservation of the same type.  For example, once you have played out an advanced reservation booked under your name, you may use your name to reserve another court up to seven days in advance.  Once made, an advanced reservation cannot be retroactively changed in status to become a 24-hour reservation.
    Reservations often occur simultaneously; therefore the front desk reservation attendant will alternate between in-person and telephone reservations starting with the in-person reservation.  Due to emergencies and club business, phone reservations can only be on hold for 5 minutes.  Due to high activity at the front desk and in order to maintain equality amongst members, specific court requests will not be granted.  


-Rolling timeslots:

Instead of having everyone book at 6:00am each day, Pine Lake opens up courts as the timeslot starts. For example: on Saturday at 10:30am, members would be able to now book an Advanced reservation for 10:30am the following Saturday, or a 24 hour reservation for Sunday. By moving reservation times in line with actual playing times, more members will have an opportunity to book courts without having to wake up at 6:00am.


-Cannot book until finished playing:

This goes hand-in-hand with the Rolling timeslots. If I am playing at 10:30am on Saturday, I cannot use my Advanced reservation for 10:30am the following Saturday until I have finished playing today (11:45am).

In effect, this prevents a member from booking the same timeslot every week if the timeslot is heavily used.



-No back-to-back reservations for family members:

Family members cannot have back-to-back reservations for times as well as adjacent courts. 


- Single court time per famiy per weekend day

Families are allowed one court time per day on Saturday and Sunday.

-Waiting List:  Members unable to reserve a court at a desired time may be placed on a waiting list.  This practice is encouraged in order to fill courts that are released due to cancellations or otherwise released on short notice.


  • 24-hour waiting list rule - if you have a current court, the moment you finish playing, you may put your name on the waiting list for any court time within 24 hours


  • You cannot put your name on the waiting list if the court is empty/available for regular booking


  • You can be on the waiting list for multiple court times in one day (following the 24 hour rule stated earlier) but once you get a court that you were waiting for, your name will be taken off the waiting list for the rest of that whole day

-Cancellations:  In the event that you cannot keep a court reservation, the earliest possible cancellation is encouraged.  As a courtesy to fellow members on the waiting list, cancellations must be made at least 4 hours prior to the court start time.  The Club will charge a $20 No-Show fee and $10 for tennis reservations that are canceled within 4 hours of the reservation start time or if a No-Show.  This fee will be charged to the members holding the reservation.  Besides canceling 4 hours ahead of time, the only way to avoid a late cancellation charge is if there was already an open court available, therefore fellow members were not turned away because the courts were full.  

-Late Arrival:  Courts are held for 15 minutes after the start of the court time before being released for walk-on play.  A court may be held longer if the member calls the Club to announce his/her intention to play on the court.


- Automated Programs : Automated programs used for the purposes of reserving courts, finding availabilities, or otherwise interacting in an unfair manner as pertaining to other members, are not allowed. The use of such programs may result in deterrents placed on your Ace account. Please respect and keep the playing field level when reserving courts.


Court-booking changes in effect on March 20th, 2015


- Lottery System for Prime Time Courts : This Friday March 20th, Pine Lake will start using a lottery system on a few primetime timeslots (5:30, 6:45 pm) during the week. The way the lottery system works is to make it easier for those on slow internet connections to book prime-time courts. When booking a lottery court, you'll have 3 minutes to make your reservation. After 3 minutes, Ace chooses a random order in which available courts on the timeslot are booked. If your reservation is chosen, you'll have the court (and if you have Notifications turned on, will receive an email). It doesn't matter which court you book during a lottery timeslot; everyone will be entered into the same timeslot-wide random drawing. 


For questions, please contact Dusko Andreic, Tennis Director 


    Email:    Phone:  (425) 961-5462





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